Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerators hold the kitchen together more than we think. They hold and preserve all of our food and drink items. Working as hard as it does, it should not surprise us that it breaks down from time to time. This should not be left unattended to because your food risks spoiling.

Though we don’t recommend that you repair the refrigerator on your own, there are a few DIY steps that you can take. If you have some basic knowledge of how your refrigerator works, drills and screwdrivers are useful tools to help troubleshoot any issues. You can also buy refrigerator parts for relatively cheap, which is easy on your wallet.

Before calling an expert, you can perform a few simple tasks: checking the condenser coils, power, and the controls.

We recommend that you clean your condenser coils at least once a year. If your refrigerator has black coils at the back, then we recommend that you vacuum them occasionally to keep them free of debris.


Common Issues with Refrigerators


Excessive Noise

This is one of the most common issues that we see with refrigerators. Almost thirty percent of our customers have reported this issue. You may need to change the refrigerator fan.


No Power

Check the relay capacitor, temperature control, and the control board. Almost twenty percent of customers have reported this issue with their refrigerators



Twenty-seven percent of customers have experienced this. Leaks can usually be traced back to gaskets that need servicing. Ice makers may also be responsible for any leaks.


No Ice in your Ice Maker

Six percent of customers have experienced issues with their built-in ice maker. Before calling an expert, assess the filter, inlet valves, and tubes.


Not Cold Enough

A refrigerator that can’t preserve your food is useless. Six percent of customers have experienced this. The air damper or the baffle may need to be serviced, in this case.


No Water Distribution

If your water dispenser is not releasing any water, then you may need to get the inlet valve, or the water actuator fixed. Three percent of our customers have experienced this issue.


The Temperature is Inaccurate

Temperature is crucial for a refrigerator and freezer. Get the temperature sensor or control switch checked out.


Dim Lighting

One percent of our customers have experienced issues with the lighting in their refrigerator. However, you may just need to replace the socket or bulb.


Refrigerator Runs a Marathon

In these cases, you may need to replace the defrost heater and timer. One percent of customers have struggled with this issue.


Leaky Door

One percent of customers have dealt with this issue. If the gasket seal on the door is worn, then it can cause the door to sweat. The assembly may also need changing.


Fridge Temperature is Too Low

One percent of our customers have struggled with this issue. If your refrigerator is receiving an excess of cold air, then you need to replace the air inlet damper.


Freezer Temperature is Too Low

Subsequently, if the freezer is too cold, then you may need to service the thermistor or temperature sensor. The air inlet damper may also be causing too much cold air to enter the freezer. If this is the case, then you need to repair the damper.


If you need more complex repairs, call Mark’s Appliance Repair. We have serviced refrigerators for years in Federal Way, Washington. Our team of technicians has a wide array of skills and knowledge, and they will be able to repair your refrigerator quickly and efficiently.