Dishwasher Repair

Scrubbing dishes by hand can take time and energy that most of us don’t have. Having a dishwasher is the epitome of convenience. However, if your dishwasher starts to not perform as well as it should, it becomes very inconvenient to manage your kitchen.

Don’t wait for this problem to go away on its own. Call Mark’s Appliance Repair and we’ll send a certified technician over to give your appliance a proper assessment. Our technicians are highly skilled and have years of experience to their name. We offer quality service for an affordable price to the people of Federal Way, WA, and the vicinity.


Signs That Your Dishwasher Needs Repairs

If you recognize these issues in your dishwasher, then don’t hesitate to call us. We want to help you before your small problem costs you an exorbitant amount of money.


Dishwasher Won’t Fill Up

If you notice that your dishwasher isn’t filling, then the water supply might be compromised. You may also want to look at the float system or see that the water intake isn’t clogged. You may also have to replace the water inlet valve, the timer switch or the pressure switch.


Dishwasher Not Draining

Finding a small amount of water at the bottom of the dishwasher is normal. However, if the amount of water is excessive, and also dirty, then something is wrong. The drain line is likely clogged in some way. The drain valve may also be defective and need servicing.


The Dishwasher is Leaking

Where the dishwasher is leaking indicates the cause of the problem. This could be due to worn door gaskets or a door that needs tightening. If the leak is occurring under the appliance, then it may be due to a defective pipe or a pump seal that needs repairing. If it is a corrosion leak, unfortunately, this cannot be repaired, and you will need to replace the entire dishwasher.


Rocking and Rolling in your Dishwasher

Some noise coming from your dishwasher indicates that the appliance is doing its job. However, if you hear any clicking, banging or knocking, then those are not to be ignored. First, check to see if the appliance is on a level surface and balanced. A faulty inlet valve may also be at fault and requires servicing.


No Power

This is largely an electrical issue, usually faulty wiring or a weak electrical connection. These sorts of repairs are not to be handled unless you are a professional. There are many safety hazards in this scenario that could have potentially lethal consequences. Our technicians at Mark’s Appliance Repair know all of the procedures necessary to carry out your repairs quickly, efficiently, and most of all, safely.


Call Mark’s Appliance Repair of Federal Way, WA

If your dishwasher is acting up, give us a call today. We have years of experience repairing and maintaining dishwashers. Our technicians are highly skilled and can carry out any repairs in a quick and reliable manner.

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